Fuck Yeah Ponchos.

Nicholas Angel & Danny Butterman [1/8]
"You’re off the fucking chain!"

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My dreads a few months ago. They changed fast.

love and take care of ur hair pls

Why she got a rats nest on her head and calling then dreads though 😒


barf. thats just straight up disrespectful.

aww poor bby

that shit look like The Grudge 3

that shit looks like literal oppression

that shit looks like the sound of frog croaks

that is the opposite of inner peace

that shit looks like 2 levels under ugly

start a GoFundMe to get this girl a hairbrush


Calm down guys. It’s just a picture of new dreads and loose hair. It takes a while to lock up. It’s a process.

Your blatent cultural appropriation and disrespect now has your hair looking like a fucking rats nest with pencils and dust bunnies in it.

You got an ask telling you what the problem is, and you ignored it- classic caught white girl. “Its just a hairstyle I like!”

That shit is not doing it.

Reblogging this to explain why there are people of color upset about this hideous, hideous display:

I am a man of color who wears locs. My hair has been loc’d since 2005. It is clean, I maintain it monthly, moisturize it weekly and wash it as needed (this can be multiple times a month if I’m feeling athletic and trying to get my fitness on). It is loc’d to the root. I went through the early loc’ing phase when I was in college but AT NO POINT did it look dirty, unclean or unwashed.

DAILY I have people who try to connect the dots between my hair and my race and use that against me. I have people (COWORKERS) who’ve thought I was a drug dealer (I barely drink) and have people who classify me as a thug because of the way I wear the hair God gave me.

People (white) who come up to me and tell me how they”dreaded their hair for a few months but cut it out because it was so dirty, you know what I mean?” I wear my hair pulled back in a neat ponytail 97% of the time because I know all this hair makes white people nervous. Imagine if everytime someone saw you they assumed you were dirty, simply because they tried to do something you did (locs) and failed because their hair texture wasn’t correct, and instead of realizing that maybe it was just their situation, they’ve decided to apply that to everyone they meet.

And this nasty, unwashed young woman who feels the need to rebel against something (probably a shower) is sitting up proclaiming to the world that she has locs?

White privilege at work. Not only would I be unemployed if I had the audacity to traipse into my job looking like the inside of a drain, but I would immediately be classified as more of a thug than people already THINK I AM.

That’s why we’re upset. Black women can’t even wear their hair the way it grows out of their heads without it being a national scandal, yet this unwashed, unclean, clearly disturbed individual whose friends obviously have not informed her of the error of her ways will walk out in public and people will not only accept her, they will applaud her for being so different and unique.

Women like this are DIRECTLY affecting my life in that almost everyone I encounter has a friend or a cousin who is her and has given an entire LEGION of people a bad rap.

This is why cultural appropriation is harmful: when we do something and excel at it, are professional about it, look good doing it, it’s worthless. But throw it on a white body doing it the most lazy, bastardized, mediocre way ever and suddenly not only is it OK, it’s amazing! And so much better! 

*PS It really does look horrible. 

This has nearly got 6,000 notes.

That’s 6,000 of you who have gone out of your way to comment on someone’s hair.

6,000 notes and out of all the commentary not a single one of you has said anything along the lines of ‘They don’t look too good, here’s my advice…’ No one has offered constructive criticism. You’ve all just told her something along the lines of ‘get that nest off your head’ and wandered on to the next thing.

Congratulations Tumblr, you’ve exceeded in cyber-bullying a girl who posted a picture of her hair. Next time you complain about someone being mean to you over the internet I want you to think about this moment.

PS: It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert on dreadlocks or master hairdresser or the universe, if you’re not going to say something nice or helpful just keep your lips sealed.

If you ever need to dress as a Poke’mon, here’s some easy and possibly cheap options to choose from.



Today’s obsession is Pug gifs.


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Pokémon Evolutions

the shedinja is so cool

There’s no way in hell I wouldn’t reblog this.

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if a dancing pikachu doesn’t fit in with your blog you’re running the wrong kind of blog

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And the award for most inappropriate children’s underwear goes to…

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The most clever line in all of Pokemon.

Always reblog the drying pan.

I want this as my senior quote next year.

That is some quick thinking there Brock.

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Ni no fucking Kuni fucking yes.


Doctor Who Mocktails by EXPBarOnline

Gallifrey Double Sunrise:
1 oz Pineapple Juice
1 oz Lime Juice
Orange Juice

Directions: Fill a tall glass to the brim with ice and pour in the lime and pineapple juice. Fill with orange juice and stir gently. Gently pour grenadine inside the glass and let it sink to the bottom of the glass. Garnish with two oranges. Sip and watch Gallifrey’s two beautiful suns rise.

Regeneration Energy:
4 parts Sprite
4 parts Red Bull
1 part Pineapple Juice

Directions: Pour all ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake gently. Strain into a tall glass with plenty of ice and serve. Brace yourself for the oncoming storm of regeneration.br />___ 


A note from the creators: 

First up the Gallifrey Double Sunrise! A sweet and tart cocktail with a cherry kick to it that rounds it out very nicely.

Second up Regeneration Energy! Sometimes you just need to sit back, recover and regain yourself. What better way to do that then with time lord energy? this has a very sweet and understated taste that will give you the energy to keep on going through waves of daleks.

“There’s a lot of things you need to get across this universe. Warp drive… wormhole refractors… You know the thing you need most of all? You need a hand to hold.”  -The 10th Doctor

Drinks created and photographed by EXPBarOnline.

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